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Demonstration and protests

For a better world, for a better government

A better world sometimes asks for a people's influence.
When a government acts on its own concern and ignore the public.
When a government, follows the haste for money and glory.

A better world, is sometimes made closer by a good demonstration.
A good protest to make visible what is hidden.
Hidden about the governmental pain issues.
Hidden about the secret agenda of the leaders.

A demonstration,
by law is always rather peacefull when accepted as a political instrument.
without reasonable law, can be quite influential. as we saw at the movement Gandhi began.

A demonstration is an instrument,
to support a society where equality and freedom are the two main arguments.
equality in the possibilities for a job, for income, consumers stores.

Demonstration a couple of good subjects for a run today and tomorrow.

First the government needs the voice of the people. Which we call a good democratic government.
When democracy fails or is set besides. a voice is needed to restore it.

The second is a reasonable salary for all the members of the workforce.
Where the purpose of work is to help and support a society.

The third is the access of a good medical service.
Most of the diseases, which are cureable, need a good medical compensation.
Whether poor or rich asks for it as an answer to suffering.

The fourth is the rejection of a large defensive military force.
Not because its not usefull, but a country only is in war for three years in a generation.
This means three out of fourty years is war.
as statistics show when doing a deeps study.

The fifth is as we see on individuals that a debt is not neccesary, and gives additional costs.
to citizens mostly is said to make their lifes debtfree. As is a helathy financial system.
The same as above as below. can be said about a country. An important protest
is to make the country free of debt. free of a public debt.

This last has has the greatest influence. Statistical and reasonable you can say
that every part of a governmental budget going to pay the interest of a loan,
is a lost case for a part given to a just case.

For individuals you might say and advice to get free of debt.
Because spending on the interest and the penalty of lagging behind in payment
is giving stress and makes the life more insecure.
The same argument with a debt of a country.
For which a demonstration is adding to a just case.