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Essence of trade

In a country that evolves towards a civilisation where money is accepted as a trade instrument,
there are a couple of systems to regulate it.

Three systems, with each good features, backlashes and rightfull values.

One system as in rome was depicted was money a way to regulate the powers of wealth.
The leaders, ceasar and others made the law,by which one part was the right to trade.

Trade was a favor of the hierarchy in the leadership.
and taxes where not being collected in a rightfull manner.

Taxes where as a favor being sold to taxcollectors who had the right to collect and raise the costs,
for the region they were appointed to.

The essence of trade, the second system is an independent authority.
Which is not a property of organisations, individual or other systems or parts of structures.
Sometimes a nations bank is structured in this way,
In these times its partly a structure like this with the drawback
that the bank is owned by a secret small very rich group
but mostly very rich persons have shares in the holding that controls the bank.

The third system is a unique way of trade, where money is not centrally governed.
But only afterwards checked in its uniformity.

Nowadays the bitcoin, has the independent form and decentralized,
ith the exception that a computer range of cyphers is used,
which make it dependent on technology.

Three systems of trade,
with money as its trading instrument.
And money may never be a sole property it its regulation.

Money by which the making of it,
the allocation or the choice to enlarge or diminish its value may not be
in the hands of individual.
Neither may it be property of other organisations than the government.

By which the government should be democratic,
not an autocracy, nor exclusive to one part of the society.