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The path of Kings

In each way a government is sprouted,
a king or emperor makes the law.

centuries ago,
the country with its king or emperor was no uncommong view.
a country with ta king or emperor was a reasonable way for the existence.

Nowadays countries with kings are still common if you trave along the earth.
countries without kings or emperors still have a leader, mostly a chosen president.

The path of kings,
is a secret path which is the origin of each and every royal house.
Where a royal house, by dependecy place the next oldest son or daughter on the throne.

The path of kings,
to uphold a royal house,
not very rich is for the eldest son or daughter to study.
Where study by the size of it creates the wisdom by which a ruler gets popular.

For example,
a king who knows that people not always choose their own destiny,
and when approached gives from his abundance a small token of support,
gets the favor or loyalty of that person.

When a king is studied in all fields of royal practice,
the bloodline of royals will extend for generations.

When on the other hand,
the king is paid in jewelry and gold,
with the burden on his citizens.
It will not last long for protest to get visible.

The royal path, the kingly path.
As in the palace of justice is the portrait of the king,
the king has to be an example of good life.
With good life in the description of being a good person.
and with the good intentions towards all.