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A country is a region with people with various skills.
From young to old all have a place.
All people share the region the language and the law system.
Whereas the law system binds all to a community.

For a country to live, all persons need a basical understanding.
An understanding what life is, where they live, and how to live together.v
For a country to live, to prosper, all citizens able to work,
are obliged to use their ability to add workpower to the society.

In a country their is always a part which cannot work, does not want to work in a specific function,
or despise society and refuse to work.

For a country with a law system, a system of government,
its important that citizens, understand the law, understand hierarchy.

That understanding, with a normal intelligence acquanted can be teached on school.

Education of basical citizenship should be the same for all citizens,
when born in a country in youth, otherwise when from outside, when entering the country.

After the basical education. the second educational period
is to learn a certain function in the workforce of a country.

The education for a job, is always divided in a range of sectors, in a variety of intelligence skills,
and a variety of job themes

Education, is important for the society with freedom and honor.
Education, is important to have a international position of respect.
Education, when there is no war, no disaster, this is the factor of survival of a nation.