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Draco a view on justice

Draco was a person in greek history who made the law system, as a source of what we have today.
A lawsystem which was not anymore based on emotion or revenge but on a system of rules.

A system of rules giving the discernment of crimes. low or high in severity.
The rules where to ensure the freedom, the safety and the allowance of all citizens.

rules with a convention of all crimes being punishable.
This person Draco, lived in a time where crimes where in a different way,
with the intention towards crime very cruel.

Draco as him was given the leadership of his time, his country, made a new lawsystem,
by which the crime was made to end.

crimes were punishable, not by biased leaders, biased influences.
But each crime a sole objective punishment by justice.

his name is also in the word Drakon, or Dragon.
Which was in his time a title to people of great intelligence.
But throughout the time that title has lost its value,
and is a name of an animal, or of people being strict.

Draco as the source of justice in an objective way.
And without the unrest of the crowd.