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The law as its essence is for most countries a single document,
having the basic rules to ensure the basic rights.
freedom in some theme's
law to restrict behaviour.
and the right to have as citizen the protection of the leadership.
Which can be diplmatic and in its extent beyond the borders of the country and its allies.

The constitution is a document, where every lawyer, every judge,
has to speak up the rights of single persons.

As it should be, a lawsuit regarding the constitution should be free of charge.
For everyone posing it.

The constitution, as it describes the freedom for single persons.
or single entities gives the visible rules by which anyone can operate or live.

constitutions are for democratic countries corresponding.
The most valuable item on this list is the freedom of action.
That within safety borders a person can do or act as he or she sees fit.

The safety border mostly by purpose. if the purpose does hurt or damage anyone, that act is subject to justice.

The constitution, prevent people to give value in a way its not reasonable.

The constitution is a basic document. giving safety to citizens, and a border to crime.
A basic document giving the right to prosper, in an equal, just and possible way.