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A mythical kingdom. A region of peace. A place where the mind rests.
The story of a kingdom, somewhere in the mountains.
A place where time does not exist.
A region in the upper himalayas.

Shamballah, the restfull monks reside there to live a quiet life.
Shamballah, books and scriptures say its the last resort of stillness.

Imagine that the voice in your mind, when entering that country,
diminishes its strength and makes place for the sound of the essence of mantra's

A sound that is the source of creation, and the source of stilness.
A mantra which sounds as sweet melody of one tone.
A mantra that creates wisdom and brings the emotions to peace.

When entering that kingdom,
some greet in reverence the supreme reality.
some salute the wisdom that is the origin of it.
Others have high esteem of the compassion by which meditation is devoted to that essence in origins.

The kingdom, which is the goal of many monks.
The kingdom, which is the purpose of many incarnations.
The kingdom as the last step of a long journey.
To know oneself, the origin of life.
And to realise the great state, which is forever without words,
but yet pulling everyone to the ultimate goal.

Shamballah, the buddhist kingdom.
Where happiness is not a goal but a present state.