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The myth of the seven caves

Once in a time, where the people lived close to nature.
A region, of seven countries over the earth.

A world divided into seven continents of equal size.
A world of seven nations, seven languages, seven bodily differences.

A world where everyone was in the knowledge of Gaia,
A world where Gaia knew everyone and everything.

A world where it was known that the earth itself had awareness and intelligence.
A world where Gaia had possible ways to communicate.

On each continent, in each region, at every nation.
A cave was located in its centre.
A cave the size of a small house.
A cave of stone, and surrealistic light.
A dimmed green light sourced by the stones.

These cave held the secret of controll over Gaia, and from Gaia.
These caves held the secret of the possible ways for Gaia to live in unity with mankind.

In some ages, it was used by the wise elderly people to ask Gaia for the methods to rule the earth.
In some ages, it was known, to ensure the equal free en happiness for everyone.

Seven caves. Seven continents, Seven languages.
The wise entering the caves, were not talking, were not writing.
But in an invisible manner did the communication find them.

The wise asking for guidance, and the power to lead.
The wise, once foresaw a big war, which would destroy the civilisation of mankind.
And they choose to hide the caves, to make a door forbidding everyone to enter again.

The caves where sealed with a strong metal. as nowadays we use Titanium which was a resemblance.
The caves were hidden in the sands of the desert.

These caves as is said.
Could ask Gaia to communicate through visions,
Could ask Gaia to communicate by giving people the force to go where they were needed.
Could ask Gaia to imitate a bee swarm, driving of people.

Once the caves will be found, and used again. May we speak of Gaia as a good and just power.