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A lost continent, is not easily to dig up.
A lost continent, when lost, is only by expert technology to approximate.

We have the myth of lemuria, which is a story in the mouth of humbug and nonsense.
A myth is sometimes seen as history, and sometimes as a made up lie.

Lemuria, a short description is.
In the middle an area surrounded by canals,
for the royal house and the serving pageants.

In the first round were the writers, the astronomers, the astrologists.
As well as the temples, as well as holy places.

The second round, hold the houses of prefects, the houses of sciences and the houses of discovery.
Each round with a canal on its side.

The third round, was for the tradesman, where from all over the continents, the farmers,
the craftsmen and the makers of all kinds of objects, to gather in the markets.

The fourth round, was for poor people, where they had a simple shelter, and lived on the
gifts of all kinds of citizens and people passing by.

On the outh of the fifth round, was the defensive layers, with weaponry to defend the lemurian society.

What was outside the fifth round, where farmers, factories, peasants and marksman.
Of which the marksman travelled and wandered through the continent to ensure peace.

As once was said, leumura was a civilisation.
Of science, soicalism, monarchy and discoveries of peace
Why did that great civilisation perish.
Why the gods of lemuria fell to their ground. when promised eternal presentation.

Why did lemuria lost its form, lost its hierarchy.
Why did lemuria, be in the forgotten mouths.
Lemuria, where is her religion, her society, her science.
Which language did they speak.
Which legacy is left. In the mouths as a myth.
As a land not existed, As a land a lie in the mouth of storytellers.