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Spirit of Landlife

As we know from the indians at the american continent is that they lived close to nature.
They were part of the land, part of the reality.
With their ancestors who transgressed from life to eternality,
they shared the air, the water, the earth and fire with the old spirits.

As we know from the indians they choose a guidance spirit,
mostly an animal, but a totem was also sometimes chosen.

The indians had the devotion to the great spirit.
Which we know in the name of manitou and wakan tanka.

as many as their are colors in a rainbow, as many different colord indians were.

The indians were divided in three main streams.
The sunworshipers, the moon worshipers and the hero-worshipers.

The sun woshipers used gold to make statues,
and they made the sacrifices of the hearts.

The moon worshipers used the dance as a ritualistic form.
The rain dance, the grateful dance.

The hero worshipers used a totem to dedicate their prayers to.

The spirit of landlife was the bond of all the indians,
as all the indians believed nature was filled with spirits.
And the spirits could support their life with special gifts.

As the indians lived close to earth they knew what danger was,
and with danger how to cope with it, without getting wounded theirselves.

As the indians were devoted to manitou, they acknowledged that
he was a higher being, in some way a supreme being to them.
As well as wakan tanka, but as today we cannot anymore recollect
if those beings were the supreme being or a past indian with herolike features.

The indians which were driven off their land by the christian crusaders.
Were mostly wiped out, loosing their special culture.

Today most indians are known by the comics and books
of action.

May once the indian heritage live again,
and serve as a viewpoint on how to live close to earth.