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The oldest myth about the Japanese Oracles

today china is one of the largest regions with resemblance of bodycolor and facelines.
today china is still a factor in trade and export to be hold serious.

China as in the far past,
we still not know of,
was in the past transition.
We know transitions as the icetime and the time with vulcanoes.
when the transition which was described in the bible the flood,
where noah saved the living species.

After it the earth was made to a home again.
And four races were present in it.

Each race had a part of earthly surface.
Of which one was china.

Because china took its part,
and grew large.

the intelligence which guided china was notably good.
But today the advisor of their race is hidden somewhere in the mountains.

The advisor, we see in the use of their language,
with characters of complicated origins.

As a myth tells about china they had for long ago, to long times.
a oracle in the mountains. an oracle which lead their race to a strucutured, social advanced civilisation.

An oracle compared today, with a large led screen
with a communication part analysing questions of very complex cause and nature

that oracle, if it would exist today, what use would it have.
Because our science has progressed, we are independent of such oracles,
and even when they would exist, we would refrain from it.

The japanese oracle was one of the scientific devices from before the flood.
As it was a source of goodness and not of evil was it hold safe in the flood.

The japanese oracle,
was connected to an earthly spirit.
A spirit of knowledge.