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Greek myths

Vestal virgin
The first is the myth of the vestal virgins.
As a small group of priestesses.
A small group devoted to a goddess.

Vestalis, was the greek goddess which served as the safeguard to all the other religions.
Vestalis which was sacred used in rites and prayers.

All priestressed had the obliged rule to be pure and innocent.
To be devoted to that goddess.

The myth of vestalis,
as one of the cornerstones of the greek religion.

Chronos; Time
The second myth as source of our concept of time.
Time being measured in moments, from short to daylong.
And from a day to yearly periods.

Chronos, was one of the gods in greece.
Where it was for long a word to denote times of ritualistic greek religion.

In greece a group of gods and goddesses was being worshiped.
And each god an goddess had a specific time and day.
This was the source for the main god being chronos. Time.
When chronos gave a time for a certain god, it was devoted by him.

Chronos. we know the myth of him being one of the offspring of ancient times.
But the science of time, has no religious value anymore.

As today we don't name gods as a favor of time to be ritualistic used.

Chronos. as a way to describe the religious practice, to day, to moment,
and to a certain place.

Greek angels
In our time we see the whole of the greek mythology as one big book or one big document.
But in the time its was concipated it was a region where different views on different religions
gave word to more than one kind.
Greek angels are the goddesses we still read in the mythology.
Athena, Diana, Aphrodite, Hera, all are goddesses, but we don't know
they in their times were seen as angels.
Messengers from a main greek religion.
And when time, made the civilisation a medival one,
angels where named goddesses, looked like a branch of a religion.
Angels in the term we know as messengers from a holy force or being

Greek planets
In the greek time, all gods, goddesses and other forces
where named in the religion. And all citizens had the freedom to choose one,
but might have migrated to a region where a temple was based.

Besides gods, planets could have a ritualistic part in it.
The same as gods were worshiped, the planets
as being essence of powers, could be devoted by adepts.

Planets, today we see them like scientific beings,
of stone, and matter, without a conscious centre.
without a large intelligent core in it.
But in long times into the past,
planets had a animated source.

As the roman empire was built on the cult to worship the planet mars.
as its the roman word for that planet.

The greek had besides the planets, cults and temples the method of asking the favor or gods.
they made an oath, for example if i win this war, i will give my eldest child to the god.

As medieval times created the loss of understanding,
a devotion to sacrifice a child was taken literary.
A good devotion, as we see bwakcwards is to give a child the function of priest or priestess
to ensure the favor of the gods or goddesses.

Whereas a priest as today has a role in religion to make in comparison to christian religion,
sermons and talks to serve the community in a moral, ethical and wise way.

Planets had a major role in greek religion, as thousands of years ago.

Lost civilisation of the far past
In greece, the writings of plato and socrates.
We read about times we cannot imagine anymore.

An ancient nation where, philosophers lived.
And wrote all kinds of literature.

As the oath of medicine was from one of those philosophers.
As the art of geometry was of one philosopher.

The basis of current day science, lays in the time
where those greek wiseman had lived.

Geometry, the source of mathematics.
Hypocrates, the source of moral medicine.

We see other sources as well.
Mars as the source of hierarchy and protection by police force.

We see science as well,
being the lightning of Zeus,
giving us everyday warmth, light and movement.

We see art is poetry,
as the muses were the source of it.
muses of all kinds of influence in art.
from the angelic creatures on the roman buildings.
from the architecture in temples.
and the making of statues with gold plated ornaments.

The lost, still speaks to our imagination.
temples with statues, many meters in the sky.
from rocks that cannot be moved without machinery.

immortality or exemplary wisdom
The greek god, had the power of immortality
if we believe the mythical stories.

Today in currentday religion, there is no promise of immortality.
And if it would exist, it would be subject of science.

An immortal one today; would spend tenths of years in a laboratory.
As in those old days immortality would have existed.
The gods granting it, would be more powerfull than the gods today.

As well the other myths where supernatural tasks were fulfilled.
it speaks to our imagination, and if looked at it with
scientific insight. it is not a mediaval kingdom being able to
do such a thing.

being immortal has its price.
Because for normal humans, the end of a life.
is a natural border into sleep.