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The land of atlantis. an island long forgotten.
We cannot describe it in a full detailed way.
But as a list of shortlines we can give a glance on it.

  • A large field of magnetism, ensured power to all electronic devices. Free of charge, as an open source of energy

  • All science was public domain. Thus all devices and technology was immediately adapted
    and made available for usage of everyone.

  • Social structure were advanced. regarding the society as a big family.
    ensuring membership of each citizes.

  • Military defense unit. Defense was effective by advanced computing and arrow device.
    Which made defense and protection as an automated service without human intervention.
    activated by artificial intelligent systems analysing threat occurence.
    So the public, the crowd, was peacefull because of absence of needed aggression.

  • Food distribution, was not based on popularity index. but on the count of nutrients.
    A range of food products, by which each product serves nutrients for twenty percent of necessary.
    Making food to be easy and provided the nutrients needed.

  • As the royal family of Atlanti perished in a large scaled war. Where assansins ended their reigning period.
    A president was elected by the gross number of elder people. Elder people as being the ones of old age.

  • Communication was not by learning more than two languages but by learning the native language,
    as well a core or essence language. As we today know esperanto, but in another way fashioned
    to ensure communication. Each citizen using native language, as divided by each region, or country.
    and the essence language as trans-border communication.

  • As today the market is on supply and demand where object with large advertising are popular.
    in the times of atlantis there was the consumerscouncil, protecting quality and quantity.
    As well protecting the basic consumers rights. the most needed stuff, at minimal possible costs.
    Objects needed for living, with advertising by governemnt. Objects being luxury, at responsiblity of company.

  • Taxes in Atlantis, not being a burden for the citizens, but instead of income-tax.
    There was tax on consumersproducts and tax on living-components.
    Which for example living in a large house gave extra tax on the rent.
    And for example having a luxury car, was up to a yearly tax.
    expensive living objects and services could have a tax by period, and by percentage
    consumerstax was a way to ensure the taxincome of the nation,
    The absence of income tax, made the highest possible workforce in the nation.

  • as we know today a nuclear power plant gives good energy. if we forget about pollution.
    In atlantic times they used the power of lightning to give energy.
    As the power grid was a magnetic field, it was fed by the periodical lightning.
    this ensured power without the danger of pollution, in nuclear way or by smoke.

  • electronic devices had an antenna, for communication, calibration, balancing.
    the antenna of the body was the watefield of it.
    the antenna of larger devices was the connection to the magnetic field,
    manipulating its wave form.

  • Atlantis lost and once regained.
    Atlantis lost and to be refound.
    Atlantis, great nation in the times under the sun.