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In our modern world, the question for a good act, a convetion to
ensure the health of our world.
Nature being degraded by the use of alternation of dna.
Nature being degraded by the chemical waste destroying life for centuries.

The Tesser Act is covenant to ensure the lifeline of our earth.
As we use dna altering techniques to create bigger harvest,
to lessen bacteria and virus to attack our fruit and vegetables while growing.

The Tesser Act is of three parts.
The first no nuclear waste, no nuclear byproducts may enter a natural habitat,
anywhere on earth.

the second part is of preservig dna,
no altered dna may enter any natural habitat. anywhere on earth.
altered dna may only be used in greenhouses with a filter to keep it indoors.

The third part is cloned material, from plants, animals, to humans.
Cloned beings are to be made infertile. because its not natural.
and if clones are in the breeding process.
it might harm nature big time if the same dna enters a line of ancestors to the future.
this third part if not ensured can cause extreme danger to the natural, original blood lines.