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Senate political instrument

We see in the government of the united states,
the use of a senate to lead the republic.

The senate as a council of representatives of the states.
the senate as representing the states as unique political objects.
Where each object is represented by a number per state.

In some problematic situations,
a election of members by the number of their population,
there can be a draw back when a poor region is represented.

The poverty has other priorities than succesfull businessman,
or wealthy states.

A senate as a council has the safety that not one person
can start an autocracy or a capitalistic supremacy.

A senate, as the highest leading role in a country or region,
has the safety to lead by representing all the states.

The first one who called a senate a political instrument,
was the greek philosopher Seneca.

He was a wise man who had a deep insight in the way a countrty is led.
He had a view on which rules were according to a superior law.

A law as being part of the platonic idea.
A law by which a country is not opposed to minorities.
A law not being unfair to parts of its state.

A senate, as being a council either represening the public,
by which its a democratic council.
Or by representing the elderly people, the people of old age.
Which enhances the view of wisdom in politics.
Because statistical people of old age have more wisdom,
and have more knowledge of life.

The senate as being discovered as system of politics,
is an instrument which can have very large effect on the contentment of the public.
in a good way ofcourse.

The senate as a political system, in all times a good instrument for leading a country.
Even when by influence some part of a country if more wise, more strong than other parts.
influence can either be by education, change of bodily features or depression.