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Riches and capitalism

Current day economics, we see that money is the hands of the rich.
We see that money has a major drawback, which is that
the rich ow the rights to get money, and the poor live on begging for it.

The rich, who have more than millions, who own more than one house.
and have a lot of luxeries.

Current day rich is part of the idea that its not equally divided over every person
on this earth.

To be rich, you have to be ruthless, opportunistic.
A small rule to feel as a legally part of society.

Everyone owning with a savingsaccount of more than 10 year salaries,
can be said to steal it from the poor.

A guideline of ten years salary is the rule that will create on this
planet an even form of society. where everyone is gifted his own space.

If people are more rich than the rule,
how to adapt to a new world where everyone is happy.

To make your savingsaccount even, there is one essence.
Let the surplus be given to the most poor countries.
And with the gradiation counting upwards.
From physically poor, to the countries less physically poor.

The only feature to be accounted for, is the
realistic, the physically lack of fulfilling needs of food, shelter and tradition.

Make society more healthy,
by investing surplus savings
in the world, you are part of.

Ruthless with your capital,
try being filled compassion in your deeds.