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President and expertism

All countries being leaded by a president,
are being governed either by the inborn wisdom of him
or by the impulsivity because the lack of knowledge.

A president as being responable for the country, the government,
the leading council can either make or break a country.

A president, stimulating trade and capitalism,
for his own profit, for his own position,

Or a president understanding the need for a just government
being the support for all citizens and civilians in the country.

A president, can be famous for his compassion with those without
rights, without acces to medical care, without acces to education,
without acces to a decent income.

All these reasons ask a president to be scholared in the
least of all knowledge needed for leading.

The education a president needs, is the voice of the population,
the voice giving him insight in whats important,
whats sustainable, and whats the foremost rule to effectivate.

A president being scholared in the subject of presidency.
A president, having the knowledge about what law, is cause of what effect.
the knowledge about economical drawbacks, economical growth
the knowledge about the social instruments as being sociological science.

When a president is educated about his job,
he will rule a country to the happiness of each inhabitant.
he will rule a country with the status of international peace.

The duration of his training and education is
the choice between quick or profound training.

Mostly the lenght of a training will be one year,
a year where the former president still holds place,

Each election, gives a new president, extending one year after
the last election, to make possible the training of the next president.