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Politics, a view from the past

In politics its all about which plans are being acted out,
and which plans end up not being acted or visibly done.

Politics is about the people, how to rule them,
how to lead them.

When a politician is very popular,
you can count that he or she does what the public feels.

sometimes when we look at the future we ask,
why did we do a certain thing, and see bad results.

Look at the united states with inflation.
more than 15 percent is almost not to solved anymore.

And when we look at russia, for decades commmunism was there to lead the people.

Sometimes looking back is governing forward.

I was once investigating past regimes and saw in the greek mythology
the greek history a governor which had a different view on politics.
with a political structure which even nowadays would be a good one.

A political structure giving a government a good view on the public needs.

He had a threefold government.

First he had a part of republic by appointing a president to be head of state.
Second a council of persons of old age was a part of it.
And third a council of public representation.

This threefold government in all ages would have a good influence in politics.

The president being one part of three safeguards the political decisions.
Whereby the decisions are based on the scheme of the other governing parts.

The council of people of old age, sometimes is said to prevent
large wards, unprepared disasters or famine.

The third council of public representation, democratic council,
gives the people a voice in the country.
Which is the voice of compassion, capitalism, ambition.

These three parts of governing gives a country a safe passage through time.

When a country is based on the indiviudual freedom, you should give the
people a choice. This can be official by givign every citizen, when reaching adulthood,
around 18 years old a contract by which they state to live according to the law,
and to respect law and constitution.

Other things that greek lawgiver wrote about was to,
have public kitchen/public meal,
trade restrictions,
military discipline among other rules.