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World Money System.

In this world, in our lives the worries for our income and how
to pay the bills is a centre in all living humans.

The age of free money seems to be far away.
The age that everyone can spend on art, on culture, on religion.
And to save for something special.

I heard someone talking about the democracy of our money system.
Not anymore the banking sector, the super rich governing
all things which cost money.

Imagine that the law system, with judges giving punishment for crimes.
Imagine a large system of law that makes every member of society
making fullfilling the law and behaving decent.

Imagine such a law system, as a second one not judging crime,
but judging the income of people.

Everyone having the birthright of a good income.
Making able that living is decent and not dependable on the
favors the super rich give, or the favors of
the banking system.

Some details on this system.

A science inventor, who has a purpose of having a technology newly invented,
needs a couple of ten thousand dollars to finance his work,
but he cannot find investors, and there is no immediate profit.
By the council he gets appointed extra money.

Second example; someone an lady had four children,
and she has the priority to care for her children,
but she has no income, no job, the council appoints
her basic income, by which she can care for her children.

The important things in the system is similar to
the law system.

examples with the same cause ,result or subjects get similar judgment.
by which not every little thing needs to be judged.
but when needed the judgement can be on a unique case with a unique effect.