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The Timelords

As time has existed for ages and eternality.
As time is present in the life of all beings.
As time is the factor by which everything is judged.

May Time has its origin in goodness,
for only what is good wil exist for eternity.

May time has in its collection the beings,
living form life to life.
From parent to child.

May time as the origin of religion,
hold the wisdom of passing time.

May time as the origin of all spirituality,
hold the insight of living without suffering and pain.

May time as the holder of the earth,
teach us the art of herbal and waterbased treatment.

May time as the origin of all gods, goddesses and supernatural beings,
hold their wisdom, influence to be for the good of everything.

May time, from moment to moment,
flow from detail to detail.
From day to day.
From year to year.
As time cannot get exhausted.
As time cannot fall in vain.
As time is from time to time ever awake and alert.

Time, we know it as the source of life.
Time, we know it as the result of life.
Time, from life to the ending, ever time is present.

As time has its master,
As time is commanded by the invisible leader.

Time as the product of creation.
Time as filled with the wonder of consciousness.
Time as being designed by the Great Creator.
Time as being governed by the Time Lords.

Wherever they may live.
Whenever they exist.
Whatever purpose they have.

The Timelords to be subject of devotion.
The Timelord as the invisible religion.
The Timelords as the source of a good life.

May they ever exist,
May they own our devotion.
May they come to our support and signal.

May their symbol be ever present.
May their support ever come to our question.
May we be in time as in the commandment of them.