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Sacristi - A Country

A leader always gets the choice,
do I work for selfish reasons, for fame, glory or succes.
Do I work for the greater good, for the publical reasons.

When a leader chooses for his own reputation,
its not always the best for whats around him.

A leader who works for the country,
chooses to effect the laws to ensure that
weak parts in the country are best compensated.

A country, in its perfect purpose creates in all
citizens the feeling of being content, being accepted,
being a part of a society without being outcast or excommunicated.
in more or lesser form.

People being cast outside of society,
they mostly feel mistreated.

People being used for military reasons,
and being wounded in battle, at home are a burden.

People making a sacrifice for treating family members in a medical just way,
who loose bodyorgans to buy of a costly treatment.

People who create in their lust for ambition a bad shadow,
on all people being subject to his power.

People who have no choice for a job, a study,
and are doomned to a life in the underworld.
criminality as the only choice to earn for a living.

All those people have a reason to not be content with
the way the society is structured.
the way the society cares for them in an imperfect way.

Now imagine all those people have a the choice to
immigrate to another country.
Now imagine all those people would at anothe place on earth,
being accepted, being taken seriously.

Now imagine all those people,
could have their basic rights, and the freedom to make happiness their goal.

All those people getting a chance to be happy. be healthy, be wealthy.

This country i speak of, is paradise on earth.
This country i speak of, is the symbol of which all religions talk of.
This country i speak of, is the religious country, not to be associated with violence or mistreatment.
a religious country, without a priest, guru, without a hierarchy.
Because every man or woman on earth being freed from the bondage of hierarcy,
begins to use their own conscience.
begins to use their own intelligence.
To see right or wrong.
To see good and fault
To see the greater good.

May that country, Sacristi be a place, in our dreams.
May that country, be to hope for. in the future.

Sacristi, a country, where freedom, happiness and health is realised.