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The Great Imperator

The Supreme leader,
The supreme Commander,
The great Architect.
The Geometer of time.

May his hegemony reign for all times.
May his kingdom never be stolen by chaos.

Where his voice is heard,
a country of great wealth rises.
Where he commands,
a world of peace has begun.

Where his light enters,
the world is filled with wisdom.

May his symbol be in our eyes as light,
in our ears as sacred sound,
in our consciousness as wisdom.

Where his voice goes,
the people bow down in reverence.

Where his voice goes,
the people believe in hope, and safety.

Where he commands,
a savior exists.

May that supreme leader,
as not being a human,
as not beign a dragon,
as not being a form visible with blood and face.

May the great architect,
build our human race with intelligence.

May the Geometer, build
refuge in timelines.

May the Grant Operator,
give us the gift of goodness.

For that Supreme Leader,
is our host, is our freedom.
is our compassion, is our source.