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Salary for government-workers

For a country to live, to prosper a large organsiation is needed.
To make laws, to execute them, to controll the result.
As well to choose which way to go, internationally, for trade and for export.

A country to live;
has the controll over the education, the medical sector, as well as infrastructure.

A government is the organaisation to controll the country.
But mostly workers for the government are compared to the free sector,
either forced to corruption, or have income not suited for a job in the gvoernment.

Because the government is a organisation serving the country.
Which is in service to the good of the nation.

The government; a past part was a national bank.
A bank; which was a basic bank for all the citizens in a country.
An advantage was a honest and just bank without profit or dividendreasons.

Thee salary of citizens working for the government,
should be a modal income. By which every labor has the equal recompense.

From below to above; all share the same salary.
Because labor in government, is not ambitious, not profitable, not bad compared to the society.

A reason for an equal recompense;
is that in service to the greater good, no one is better, no one is inferior.