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Citadel -home of lawrejections

When a citizen complies to the law. he accepts that
breaking the law results in punishment.

But for those who do not comply with the law.
And rejects punishment.

In a country with freedom of actions,
and responsibility of own life.
There always has to be a choice.
a choice in what to do.
when law is enforced it breaks the law of freedom.

The citadel is a guarded place on earth.
Within a region that is without law or government.

When criminals reject their punishment,
they are sent there. untill they accept a punishment or die.

This region is because its lawless the place,
to have criminals think about their actions.
And without law, no one their comes to suppor anyone.

This region named the citadel,
is for all countries in the world the backup for
people who reject law.

The citadel; when in use can be as big as needed
for housing the subjects.

The reason for having a citadel is
not to ensure criminals to have the life on the other side
with luxury or criminal gains.
But to ensure that when the law fails in convincing criminals
that their behaviour is bad, to provide a place.

The citadel may have a border, both physical, as well as abstract.
to make sure criminals cannot influence the outside of it.
or to get money inside it.