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The world of Cirx

There is one initiative,
One intention and one act,
to save all of humanity.

Its not being leaded by a president.
Its not being spending all money on philantrophy.
Its not being a lottery with only winners.

Its named Cirx World.
A world with a growing number of people
People having the job they need.
People having the income,
wherever on the world they live

The World of Cirx,
is about a equal labor force,
anywhere on earth.

Cirx world,
besides the jobs needed,
provides in the education to attain it.

being paid by all the labor of those working.

The initiative of Cirx.

This article is a glance on the worldwide initiative.
And for further reading i point to

May this earth. grow in society and wealth.
May by this initiative medical care, housing and consumersproduct reach all.